Dr. Briana Lutz, ND., RH. is a naturopathic doctor in Edmonton, Alberta who delivers naturally focused medical treatment with a special interest in women’s health and hormones. With an expertise in botanical medicine, she educates on the clinical application of herbs as a Medical Consultant for St. Francis Herb Farm.

MONDAY, october 4: Are 2 Strains of Echinacea More Powerful Than 1?

Yes! Learn why and their various actions on the immune system.

Nip colds & flu in the bud! Continue to learn our step-by-step Complete Immune Strategy to best amplify the action of your immune system. Dr. Briana Lutz ND, RH will provide an in-depth background on echinacea and its various actions on the immune system, as well as what to look for in an echinacea product. You will learn the benefit of different species of echinacea, and why it’s crucial you look beyond purpurea alone.

MONDAY, november 8: complete your plant medicine cabinet for colds & flu

Dr. Briana Lutz will provide an in-depth discussion of various antimicrobial herbs and how they act on viruses and bacteria or stimulate the immune system. You will learn how plant medicine in products such as our Elderberry Cough Syrup and Throat Spray not only alleviate pesky symptoms, but also resolve infections.

MONDAY, december 6: plant medicine for digestion worth celebrating!

Sluggish, or uncomfortable digestive symptoms? Embrace bitter herbs and learn the multiple benefits of these powerful plant allies for strengthening your digestion. Dr. Briana Lutz ND, RH will provide insight into how bitter herbs support your digestive system and how they may benefit your overall health. She will discuss her favorite St. Francis product, Canadian Bitters, as well as differentiate between digestive helpers HepatoDR and Gall Bladder Support.